Tour Details

Lake Powell Speedboat 1 Hour Tour  - Navajo Canyon from Antelope Point Marina

This personalized tour takes you from Antelope Point Marina up the lake along the Colorado River’s original channel to the stunning Navajo Canyon along sheer red rock cliffs. Navajo Canyon is featured on the tour, andoffers views oftowering canyon walls and a trip into a slot canyon, one of hundreds that have formed on the lake. 

Your experienced tour guides will share details about spectacular Lake Powell, the nearby Glen Canyon Dam and the Navajo people that inhabit this region – sharing their rich culture and generations of history with visitors. Bottled water is provided on all tours.

Guests will meet at the circular drive at the Antelope Point Marina Welcome center, above the marina. Guests will be taken to the dock on golf carts and returned to the top after their tour.

This private tour is delivered in speedboats that seat either 4 or 6 guests, along with your captain/tour guide.



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